4 Things to Look for When You Need Opioid Detox Services in Cherry Hill, NJ


When someone you know is battling opioid addiction, it can be a difficult situation to address.  Because starting or suggesting a drug detox program takes courage, it can be helpful to have a facility and program in mind before bringing up the issue. If you are in New Jersey, here are four things to keep in mind when searching for opioid detox services.

1. Types of Programs Available

Many people can be disturbed by the thought of living in an inpatient rehabilitation facility for an extended period of time. They would have to put their lives, education or career on hold. Choosing an outpatient opioid rehab program may allow patients to receive the treatment they need while giving them the freedom to sleep in their own beds. These programs provide those suffering from severe addiction minimal stress & disruption to their daily lives. Always remember if the addiction is severe, debilitating or causing immediate harm to anyone, an inpatient program might be necessary.

2. The Cost of the Program

While program costs will vary by facility and treatment plans, outpatient detox is generally much less expensive than inpatient detox. This is mostly due to the medical staff and other personnel required to be on-hand around the clock for inpatient care. Even though the price difference shouldn’t keep anyone from getting the type of treatment necessary, if an addiction can be tackled through an outpatient program, it will typically be more cost-effective.

3. Treatment Plans Offered

Because detox usually requires several steps, trained professionals can create a unique treatment plan for each person. The level of care required typically depends on the severity of the addiction and withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, constant monitoring by medical professionals is necessary in an inpatient facility. Other times, ambulatory detox plans can be designed where treatment takes place in sessions or through several hours of monitoring during the day. Treatment plans with day-length monitoring may include much of the same medical assistance and use similar methods as the care provided at an inpatient facility.

4. Education and Therapy for Continued Recovery

Some programs are better than others when it comes to equipping people to fight addiction after the treatment plan is finished. It is important to treat the addiction but it is also extremely crucial to choose a program that provides mandatory education about the psychology that triggers addiction. Knowing situations and personality traits that can lead to opioid abuse can help prevent a relapse.

Find Opioid Detox in Cherry Hill, NJ

If you are in New Jersey and searching for opioid detox services, consider the outpatient detox program available at High Focus Centers. Learn more about our Outpatient Center in Cherry Hill or give us a call at 877-701-0807 to receive confidential assistance and see if our outpatient program is right for you.