5 Reasons Why Outpatient Detox Could Be the Right Treatment for Your Loved One


When a loved one suffers from opioid addiction, inpatient treatment can be quite scary. It can also be very difficult to keep up with life’s responsibilities, like full-time work or school, while staying at an inpatient facility for an extensive period of time. The answer might be ambulatory, or outpatient, detox. With this service, patients are able to receive treatment during the day, then go home at night. While there is still a time commitment, there is more flexibility available to the client. Here are five reasons people may choose outpatient detox over inpatient detox:

Normal Routine

With an inpatient detox program, you spend 24 hours a day at the treatment center. While there is still a significant time commitment with outpatient detox (60-70 hours for a 7-day detox program), you are still able to go home to family at night and can access work via laptop during the day. If the addiction or temptations are quite strong, inpatient might be a better choice. Only you can decide whether you need the flexibility of an outpatient detox program over an intensive inpatient program.

Family Support

Because patients go home at night when in an outpatient detox center, family support is more important. You’ll need to remain close to family and friends while dealing with your addiction. This creates a safer situation while you are going through your detox, and helps you more easily integrate back into your community following treatment. In outpatient detox, you also learn to rely on peers to help you maintain sobriety, another aspect of treatment that can help you once you are finished.

Real World Practices

As you’re going through outpatient treatment, you can practice relapse prevention techniques in the real world and adjust as needed. You have access to therapists and medical doctors in outpatient treatment, just as you would in an inpatient facility. You can learn to stay sober in the outside world with real coping skills while managing recovery.

Longer Treatment Period

Inpatient facilities generally have a shorter treatment period, while outpatient detox is the beginning of a treatment continuum that can last an average of 14 weeks or longer. Typically, there is a step-down period as you move farther along in treatment, starting with daily visits and transitioning to fewer days and hours each day as you progress.  This ensures that you continue to receive the necessary support as you learn to live in recovery and face life’s inevitable challenges.


Even though insurance may cover a portion of the costs of detox, outpatient detox is often much more cost-effective than inpatient. It’s a good idea to look at your personal insurance to understand the which expenses are your responsibility and what the insurance covers. The most important part of this decision to seek help is choosing a safe and effective program, but in reality, we know and understand that cost is a very important element in getting treatment.

Get More Information

High Focus Centers offers outpatient detox at the Paramus location as a convenient, effective and affordable treatment option. In this program, you have access to the same expert medical staff as you would in inpatient treatment. We provide a holistic approach, not only dealing with physical symptoms, but also emotional ones. Our licensed clinical staff is available for therapeutic interventions. We meet with you and your family weekly to help everyone through the process. Contact out admissions department for more information.