“This place is a blessing.  I am so grateful to have my life back thanks to the High Focus program and my outstanding counselor.  I will never forget my time spent here and I will always remember what she taught me.”
SHIRLEY J. – Freehold Adult Substance Abuse Program, 2016

“I’m feeling better already.  I think the process groups are very helpful for me to express what I’m going through.  I think all the counselors are very professional and good and what they do.  Friendly and fun place.”
KATRINA S. – Branchburg Adult Psychiatric Program, 2016

“I absolutely love the entire team here.  Everyone is so sincere and attentive, and including the family and making them feel part of the process has been so helpful.  Thank you for all you do for my husband and I.”
JESSICA H. – Branchburg Adult Substance Abuse Program, 2016

“This program has helped me tremendously.  I feel like I’m finally back to myself.  Thank you so much.”
LORENA K. – Paramus Adult Psychiatric Program, 2016

“I am thankful for High Focus and I feel hopeful that I will succeed.”
BRYAN H. – Parsippany Adolescent Substance Abuse Program, 2016

“I enjoy these groups very much.  They give me more understanding of my addiction and how to maintain my sobriety for the long term.”
KRYSTAL M. – Parsippany Adult Substance Abuse Program, 2016testimonials1

“The program has provided me with various coping skills, as well as with useful communication skills that allow me to rebuild my relationship with my parents.”
BRETT B. – Cranford Adolescent Substance Abuse Program, 2015

“I totally enjoy coming to High Focus.  I can speak openly without judgement with those who understand dependency.  It gives me a place to feel safe and to begin my healing and education on addictions and triggers.  I am making changes in my life for the better.  I am here to help ME, and that is just what I am doing.”
CEDRIC R. – Cranford Adult Substance Abuse Program, 2015

“High Focus is giving me a real life changing opportunity for a greater future and starting a fresh new sober life.  Everyone here gives excellent care, and I feel very safe, welcome, appreciated and satisfied.  Thank you very much, High Focus.”
ROBIN B. – Freehold Adult Psychiatric Program, 2015

testimonials3“I am overwhelmed by how caring the entire staff is.  My clinician is incredible.  She is always there for me.  I am so grateful.”
MEGHAN N. – Freehold Adult Psychiatric Program, 2015

“I think my choice to attend High Focus is one of the best I could have made.  I have 100% faith, confidence and trust in the staff here.  The clinicians are the best I have ever experienced and their support is felt.”
ED G. – Freehold Adult Psychiatric Program, 2015

“I am feeling hopeful that this will help my daughter.  I feel that I need support and I’m grateful for this family group.”
JUANITA V. – Parsippany Adolescent Substance Abuse Family Program, 2015