Differences Between Outpatient and Inpatient Detox


For those suffering with an addiction, finding recovery is safer and more effective with the help of professionals and medical experts. After making the decision to get expert assistance, individuals who have become chemically dependent will then need to decide between inpatient and outpatient detox. Learn the differences as well as the benefits to the two with help from us here at High Focus Centers.

Inpatient Detox

With inpatient detox, you’ll reside at the facility while receiving treatment, which can last anywhere from roughly 5 to 10 days. You’ll begin the process by detoxing and cleansing your system in a safe setting where you have quick and easy access to proper medications to help you through the process and improve your chances of success.

Once the detoxing process is complete, you’ll start your treatment to learn how to remain sober and rebuild your life. Specifically, you’ll focus on which foods help to recalibrate and strengthen your body, undergo therapy to understand more about the root of your abuse and how to successfully combat it, and learn more about addiction as well as substance abuse and mental health.

One of the biggest advantages of inpatient detox and rehab is that you’ll be in a stable environment, which you might not be able to say if you were to try detoxing on your own at home or at an outpatient program. A good option for individuals who have a toxic family dynamic or are lacking a supportive home support system, inpatient detox is more likely to be free of potential triggers. Because you’re watched over and tended to by medical and treatment professionals, there’s less chance for relapse as you go through the process. What’s more is you’ll be surrounded by others who are going through the same thing, providing you with an even greater sense of community and support.

Outpatient Detox

If you have a job, family or other obligations, you might not be able to reside at a treatment center while undergoing detox and rehabilitation, which is where outpatient treatment comes into play. The detox process is generally the same as what would be offered during an inpatient stay.  You’ll still attend therapy sessions like you would under inpatient treatment, and you will also receive medication to help you cope with withdrawals and support your mental health.

What’s unique about outpatient treatment is that it offers several options for therapy. For instance, HIgh Focus utilizes a holistic approach which includes specialized evidence-based treatment with yoga for recovery and expressive art therapy.  Clients learn a skill set to help them navigate the recovery process, especially when times get tough.  Family therapy is also provided in taking a systems approach to healing the whole person.

Benefits of outpatient treatment include being able to carry on with your day-to-day life while getting help. You might also find outpatient treatment to be more affordable since you don’t have to pay for room and board. And finally, you’ll also have opportunities to test the lessons you learn about relapse prevention and triggers outside the facility, allowing you to improve on your future therapy sessions when you provide your counselors with feedback.

If you suffer from substance abuse and want to reclaim your life, know that you’ve got help waiting and willing at High Focus Centers. Get in touch with a representative if you’d like more information on inpatient and outpatient treatment, and if you need help deciding which is best for you and your specific circumstances.