High Focus Centers is offering a hybrid treatment model which consists of both in-person and online telehealth services.  With telehealth video conferencing technology, you can receive treatment and therapy from the safety and comfort of home.

Mental illness is common among adults in the United States. The National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates that tens of millions of adults suffer from mental illness every year.

Living with a mental health condition can be very difficult. It can impact one’s personal and professional life and cause significant short-term and long-term health consequences.

Fortunately, help is available for people with mental health problems. The team at High Focus Centers uses a combination of treatment models to help individuals achieve long-term wellness.

If you or someone you love is living with a psychiatric disorder, it’s important to seek help right away. Adult programming is available at multiple High Focus Centers mental health treatment facilities in New Jersey.

Fully virtual one-on-one outpatient counseling and psychiatry services are also available to residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania through Pyramid Online Counseling, one of our affiliated healthcare providers.

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Adult Psychiatric Disorders Treated at High Focus Centers

We understand that mental health conditions take many forms and are caused by several different factors. That is why we create custom treatment plans to manage symptoms and support long-term wellness. Our treatment options help patients with psychiatric disorders, including:

Learn more about mental health disorders by visiting High Focus Center’s Education Center.

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Levels of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

At High Focus Centers, the first step of the treatment process is a level-of care-assessment. This assessment is a meeting with a mental health professional where we work to understand your unique needs and provide a diagnosis. From there, we determine the appropriate level of care and create a custom treatment plan for you.

Mental health treatment is offered at two levels: a Partial Care Program and an Intensive Outpatient Program.

  • Partial Care Program: Meets for five and a half hours every day, Monday through Friday. This treatment option provides additional structure for patients who require it.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Meets during the day or evening for approximately three hours, two to five days a week.

High Focus Centers’ outpatient mental health treatment programs provide the therapy, treatment, education, and support you need with added flexibility for everyday life. No matter your needs, our treatment specialists will help find the right option for you. Please note that specific programming may vary depending on the treatment facility.

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Features of Our Treatment Programs

Our staff uses several evidence-based treatment techniques to help adults with mental health conditions. Features of our treatment models include:

  • Full Continuum of Outpatient Care: We match patients with the right option for their unique treatment needs. The level of care can be adjusted at any time.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): Helps address recurring issues and focuses on mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.
  • Family Group Sessions: We involve family and loved ones during educational or therapeutic activities to increase the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Psychoeducation: Patients learn about their mental illness and ways they can manage symptoms, as well as strategies regarding medication.
  • Psychiatric Services: Medication can be prescribed when appropriate and monitored by our psychiatric team on a weekly basis throughout treatment.

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If you or someone you love is living with depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition, remember that you are not alone. Help is available at High Focus Centers. Our treatment specialists take an integrative approach to help achieve long-term wellness. Contact us today or call (800) 877-3628 to learn more about our adult programs or to start your recovery.