Substance Abuse Programs

The Substance Abuse Program at High Focus Centers offers innovative and evidence-based treatment services to individuals who are seeking a return to a normal and productive life free from addiction. An expanded continuum of integrative treatment programs offers each patient an individualized path to long-term recovery. The unique needs of each patient are considered carefully in determination of proper course and intensity of treatment.

Our philosophy hinges on the idea that effective addiction treatment must involve an integrative approach, where a combination of different treatment models and tools are utilized.  Since every addiction is different, every path to sobriety involves a customized plan based on what will work best for each individual patient.

Features of Our Comprehensive Models

Patient Empowerment
Our team works alongside each individual client to collaborate on a unique treatment plan. Offering choices to our patients builds trust as well as reinforces their accountability for their own recovery.

Family Involvement
A weekly family night includes education, structured therapeutic activities and multi-family therapy. Perhaps the most powerful piece of our program, engagement of the family is crucial in establishing the foundation for a successful recovery.

Holistic Services
The mind-body connection is undeniable, and services such as yoga for recovery help bring awareness to this link. Art therapy and pet therapy also provide opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Medication Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.)
When appropriate, medication assisted treatment (M.A.T.) can be offered in combination with our treatment programs to help in managing symptoms of opioid withdrawal. M.A.T. can also reduce the risk of relapse for those in early recovery from addiction.


Recovery Skills Curriculum
Our treatment regimen focuses on skills training/education. We provide tangible tools for managing urges and dealing with situations or emotions that previously led to substance abuse and self-medication.

Evidence Based Therapy
All treatment provided has a scientific basis and has been shown to be effective in helping overcome addiction. High Focus Centers utilizes a variety of treatment models and such as DBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing.

Technology Applications
Our online recovery app provides 24/7 real-time communication between clinician and patient. It allows us to stayed connected when the client is not directly in our care, and perhaps at risk for relapse.

Full Continuum of Care
With four levels of care, we are able to match patients with the program offering the most appropriate amount of support. Treatment intensity can be increased or decreased at any time based on need.


Intensive Outpatient Programs

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is offered during both day and evening hours, two to five days a week.  Each day consists of individual, group, and family therapy for three hours per day, as well as a comprehensive family program, a Saturday relapse prevention program, and psychiatric evaluations and follow-up sessions, as needed.

Programming may vary by location.

Partial Care Program

Patients who are chemically dependent and need additional structure and support in their path to recovery may begin treatment in our Partial Care Program, which meets every day, Monday through Friday.  Each day consists of five groups, which focus on stabilizing addictive behaviors through integrative, evidence-based treatment interventions and holistic therapies.  Family is a part of the recovery process, and is encouraged to participate in weekly sessions with the patient.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Groups

Many patients who graduate intensive outpatient programs have flourished in the group setting and wish to continue in the milieu at a lower level of care. Others may be working with an outpatient substance abuse professional in the community and wish to complement their individual counseling with a weekly group session.

Fortitude and Focus is a weekly substance abuse group for adults who are seeking additional support finding the strength and resilience needed to move forward.  A sixteen week curriculum leverages the power of group therapy in offering peer-support, social acceptance, and a shared hope that anyone can be successful in recovery.

Those who join Fortitude and Focus can expect:

  • Group meetings once weekly for one hour
  • 16-week curriculum of education and psychotherapy
  • Collaboration with outside treating clinicians (if applicable)
  • Individual sessions as appropriate
  • In-network with most insurance

Currently, Fortitude and Focus is offered at all High Focus Centers locations.

Alumni Program

The ultimate goal of our treatment program is to help patients find lifelong recovery from their substance use disorder. In order to increase ongoing support even after graduation from High Focus Centers, we offer an alumni program that aims to keep those in recovery committed to sobriety. Our team runs alumni groups, coordinates events, and provides ongoing outreach in support of our patients.