High Focus Centers offers comprehensive psychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults throughout New Jersey.

What is a Psychological Test?

Psychological testing has many benefits and is often recommended for those experiencing difficulty with functioning in their academic, professional, and personal lives.  A formal psychological battery is a comprehensive test of all aspects of an individual’s level of functioning.  It includes an interview with the individual as well as family members.  A number of evaluation tools can be utilized, including screening instruments, intelligence and achievement tests, and projective tests.

The goal of psychological testing is to gain an understanding of how a person’s brain is functioning, and how he or she processes information and views the world. Psychological testing can aid in the diagnoses of conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities (LD), and autism spectrum disorders.

Other potential reasons for psychological testing are:

  • Identifying a mental health diagnosis
  • Determining school readiness/giftedness
  • Giving a deeper diagnostic understanding or clarification
  • Providing information needed for accommodations in school and the workplace.
  • Determine intelligence, neuropsychological level of functioning and cognitive capabilities
  • Understanding how personality factors and symptoms are impacting current level of functioning.

Types of tests included:

  • Intelligence tests
  • Achievement tests
  • Comparison of IQ vs achievement to determine processing/LD potential
  • Specific tests for memory, non-verbal IQ, non-verbal memory, attention, focus, adaptive learning
  • Personality factors including facets of behavior and interpersonal skills
  • Projective tests which investigate who the individual sees and interprets
  • Stimuli and events presented to them

Why Psychological Testing at High Focus Centers?

Timeliness – There can frequently be a long wait for testing at schools and other locations.  For students in New Jersey public schools, the child study team is allowed up to 90 days to respond to a request for an evaluation in NJ.  The team at High Focus Centers can have the test completed and written up in one third of that time.

Specificity and Flexibility – There are tons of psychological instruments available.  Most schools and psychologists do a standard battery, with the same tests being completed on every individual regardless of referral question or concern.   We have the ability to tailor each battery to the individual, either before the testing based on a specific question, or during the testing as information is determined.  Every evaluation is customized and best suited to the needs of the subject and their family.

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