Due to COVID-19, High Focus Centers is offering a hybrid treatment model which consists of both in-person and online telehealth services.  With telehealth video conferencing technology, you can receive treatment and therapy from the safety and comfort of home.

“This was a growing experience for my daughter and I. For dark moments, coming here was a bright light.” Parent Testimonial

teenprogramsNo two adolescents are alike. At High Focus Centers, treatment is customized to fit the needs of the individual, optimizing chances of a successful recovery and improvement in functioning. High Focus Centers provides highly structured, specialized treatment programs for adolescents who are struggling with behavioral health or substance abuse issues and are looking to change the course of their life and reach their full potential.

teengirlOutpatient psychiatric care can be a life-changing experience for teens who struggle with mental health disorders, giving them the tools they need to regulate their thoughts and put their emotions into perspective. Typically, our outpatient programs last 10-12 weeks. 


Our teen lounge in our Lawrenceville office.

Substance abuse services are available for teens seeking to end the downward spiral that may have been caused by their usage of drugs and alcohol. Educational programs are offered as preventative measures for teens who may not have started abusing substances but have been identified as higher risk.

Higher intensity services are available to teens who are struggling with addiction. 

We develop discharge plans for all of our clients, who leave High Focus Centers with individualized comprehensive discharge plans, including set appointments with psychiatrists and therapists, if necessary.

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