Secure and Confidential

High Focus Centers uses BlueJeans video conferencing to deliver teletherapy services.  BlueJeans is a HIPAA-compliant software platform that safely and legally protects Personal Health Information (PHI).

What is Encryption?

BlueJeans uses highly secure, encrypted video connectivity to meet HIPAA privacy rules.  Encryption is a process that scrambles data being sent between parties.  The data can only be unscrambled by those with the “encryption key.”  When you join a BlueJeans session, only those invited to the session (you, your therapist and other group therapy members, if applicable) have the key, which ensures that an uninvited third party can’t access the video or audio, even if they are able to hack into the system.

What About Privacy?

While High Focus Centers takes all necessary precautions to protect your privacy, we cannot control your home environment.  It’s important to be mindful about protecting your own privacy during an appointment.  This includes making sure you are alone during a counseling session, or that others in the home cannot hear you.  Visit our Resources page for more tips on preparing for a telehealth session.

Telehealth services from High Focus Centers are available to adults and teenagers. Call 800-877-3628 to learn more about online therapy for mental health and substance abuse.