Get Help at High Focus Centers

At High Focus Centers, we strive to provide the best possible care for our patients. Adults, adolescents and families struggling with addiction or psychiatric illness call us in search of relief. We respond with elite-level care in the least restrictive setting possible, and match those who need our help with a program that best fits their individual needs. Common issues experienced by High Focus Centers clients include depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or feelings, self-harm, school refusal and PTSD.

Each High Focus Centers client is given the tools to achieve maximum benefit from treatment while being afforded the flexibility necessary for maintaining a productive life outside of treatment. Throughout our 20+ year history, programs at High Focus Centers have evolved to reflect an empirically-validated model of highly effective treatment. Each site is staffed with psychiatrists, registered nurses, and licensed clinicians, and our programs are all designed to help our clients achieve sustained recovery and a better quality of life.